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We value food safety and food quality as well as the social and ecological consequences of our food production processes more and more. Sustainability has become the key word for the agricultural sector.


In order to meet these criteria, the prevention of contamination and re-contamination is of the utmost importance. For cattle farmers, a made-to-measure plan in the field of hygiene and disinfection co-determines the success of their farms.


A higher level of farm hygiene is the key to public health, food safety, sustainability and animal welfare. Preventive hygiene measures are not only better but have also proved to be much less expensive.


Airins Care has a number of innovative and revolutionary solutions to meet these specific requirements of our customers with natural means.


Greenhouse Gardening



Micro-organisms are very aggressive and a continuing source of contamination for plants and other crops. Micro-organisms have a negative impact on the growth and harvest of crops. Due to the continuous flow of aggressive and sometimes resistant  micro-organisms, crops lose a lot of energy in the defence against attacks of potential pathogens. This energy can be used by the plants for growth and production.


For an optimal hygiene and production, Airins Care has a number of innovative and revolutionary solutions so as to control the problem of undesirable micro-organisms with natural means.


  • Environmentally friendly made-to-measure solutions with attention to each facet of the growing process.


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