The Airins Care air hygiene system is a patented ultrasonic spraying technique combined with a 100% natural and safe disinfectant. The result? A very effective, biologically sound, environmentally friendly air hygiene. That way you will protect against a bacterial (re-)contamination. The very fine spraying will even reach locations that normal disinfection does not reach. The system can be applied in spaces in which people and/or animals are present.


Airins Care is part of a cooperation with a number of international scientific technical companies aiming at the development and production of innovatory solutions in the fields of disinfection and pest control in the industrial and institutional markets.


All this in a natural, sustainable manner without any risks to health and residues in the environment.


Safe, natural and environmentally friendly.


Airins Care’s basis is the preventive ultrasonic spraying technique, which is applied in existing air conditioning systems and in non-enclosed spaces. The web-based, computer-controlled modular technique combined with the natural substance guarantees an optimal sustainable hygiene performance for the lowest possible price. The product applied is not dangerous to humans and animals and has no side-effects. Its efficacy is unsurpassed.

Does your organisation run the risk of contamination due to unhealthy germs in and around food, people or animals? Or does the work performance of your people decrease due to bad air? Then you should discover Airins Care air hygiene, an innovative system that renders indoor spaces including all surfaces almost germfree and preventively protects against re-contamination.


It works sustainable to such a degree that it has even been approved for healthcare, bio-industry and food industry.


  • innovating and exceedingly effective
  • reduces the colony-forming unit/CFU to 60-100%
  • increases the shelf-life of foodstuffs by 3-5 days
  • 100% natural, the only one in this sector
  • disinfects those locations not reached by normal disinfection
  • modular system, can be used everywhere
  • safe for humans, animals and the environment

Safe and sound air hygiene

Airins Care.


Natural disinfection


The most notable advantages of this air hygiene system:


24/7 clean air and indoor spaces with Airins Care air hygiene. We guarantee it due to the patented computer-controlled ultrasonic technique. This system is fully web-based and stores all relevant data for 6 months.

The fields of application and the solutions are extensive. To deal with the risk of microbiological contamination in a biologically sound way without any negative side-effects. .

Systems for:


  • Air and surface hygiene in healthcare
  • Air and production hygiene in the food-processing industry
  • Air hygiene in air conditioning systems
  • Air hygiene in non-enclosed spaces
  • Foodstuff hygiene
  • Water pipes hygiene
  • Crop protection
  • Stable hygiene
  • Pest control

The fields of application and the solutions are incredibly broad. To deal with the risk of microbiological contamination in a biologically sound way without any negative side-effects for the environment, humans and animals.


Our natural products for disinfection and pest control have been developed to support the efficiency and safety of your fields of application.

The air hygiene works as follows


What, for whom, and where

Separately or in your existing air conditioning



Adenoviren Type 5

Aspergillus spp

Bacillus sp

Candida albicans

Cladosporium sp

Clostridium sporogenes

Corona Virus (BCV)

Dermacoccus nishinomiyaeensis

Enterococcus hirae

Escherichia coli

Fusarium sp

Klebsiella pneumoniae

Legionella pneumophila

Micrococcus sp

Murines Noro Virus (MNV-1) Mycobacterium tuberculosis Proteus mirabilis Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pseudomonas oryzihabitans Staphylococcus aureus Staphylococcus sp Streptococcus faecalis


Consumers attach more and more value to food safety and quality and the social and ecological or our food production processes. Sustainability has become the key word for the further development of, for instance, the agricultural sector.


In order to meet these criterions, a high hygiene standard with a specific dealing with the prevention of contaminations and re-contamination is of the utmost importance.


Are you active in the food industry? Then we will together prevent harmful bacteria that threaten the quality of your end product. For the CFU in your ambient air and on all surfaces will demonstrably decrease by 60 to 100% CFU thanks to Airins Care air hygiene. Because it eliminates these harmful bacteria, we guarantee that your end product will also have a 3 to 5 days longer shelf life.


You thus get food quality at top level exactly according to the strict legal provisions and your quality system.


In offices, where health problems and a decreased work performance due to a high room temperature or bad air quality play a role, the Prevent Program will help. You will save (health) costs and bring balance in health, legal provisions, costs and budget. First and foremost a pleasant work environment is created thanks to an ideal indoor climate with an air quality that is 7 x 24 hours cleaner than the air outside. You and your people will heave a sigh of relief!


Coming up with and producing innovative, natural solutions for disinfection and pest-control in healthcare, the industrial and institutional markets – this is Airins Care, a cooperation of international, scientific-technical companies. Therefore you will find many products and systems there with which you monitor or decrease the CFU and control insects.


Our forms of ventilation, air conditioning system and air hygiene together are an integrated total concept, the 24/7 Air Quality Prevent Program. This offers the highest possible degree of hygiene, product shelf life and the guarantee for minimal microbiological contamination. This new level for your total air and hygiene management has been created thanks to many years’ research and testing, jointly with reputable companies, institutions and laboratories. The result for you? A clean, safe and healthy environment.


Successfully tested on these bacteria & viruses


High hygiene standard


Best hygiene +

Longer shelf life for foodstuffs


Cleaner air, better work performance


Airins Care: healthy air and pest-free spaces


Clean, safe and healthy


Airins Care


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