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Bad quality air soon leads to health risks and a reduced work performance.


We have to cope frequently with the consequences of a badly adjustable indoor climate. A too high temperature and poor indoor air lead to health problems and reduce work performance.


Airins Care has developed a concept called “Air Quality Prevent Program”. This is a fully integrated concept in which ventilation, climate condition and air hygiene are brought fully into line with each other aiming at an optimal indoor climate in which the air quality is cleaner than the outside air 24/7.


Airins Care has developed an innovative air hygiene system to improve air quality, with which the air is fresh and clean all day long.  Airins Care guarantees with its AQPP the highest hygiene standard and a safe ambiance with regard to health risks.


Brief summary of the advantages


  • Drawing up a master plan for air conditioning installations
  • Preventive hygiene system for health risks
  • Simple integration in existing air-conditioning systems
  • Applicable in non-confined spaces with a mobile machine
  • User-friendly and optimally safe
  • Low exploitation and maintenance costs
  • Cost-saving in power consumption and calamities
  • Safe and risk-free for health and the environment.


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